Service I provide

I provide various GIS based geomorphological and geological, support and service for government agencies, private companies, and educational institutions. This includes training, and data collection in the field. Meanwhile I provide existing  GIS based geological, geomorphological, data  for various research and development needs.

Collection of geological, geomorphological, and other GIS data in the field using hand held GPS as shown in the following Trimble GPS is very useful. I can load your base map data on those device and fix the projection errors on existing base maps. Meanwhile I can train the personnel on data collection using these devices.

Following data sets are available for joint venture research. Meanwhile I can collect various  data for your specific research needs in the field.


Available raster data sets:

Geo-rectified  topographical maps  of Nepal

Geo-rectified  geological maps of Nepal

Digital terrain models (DTMS)  of Nepal

Geo-rectified aerial photos and satellite images of Nepal


Available vector data sets: .

Spatial error free sheet wise to seamless., contours from 20 meter to 200 meter intervals for whole Nepal.

Sheet wise to seamless. data layers  such as rivers, road networks, villages,  cultivated land, forest covers, seismicity maps, geological maps, landslide maps etc.


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Dr. Tank Ojha
Text Box: Weird Spatial Relationships among People, Climate, Topography, and Geology in the Himalayan Region of Nepal

Tank Ojha, Ph. D. , Adjunct Professor
Department of Geoscience, University of Arizona, USA 
Consulting Geologist & Geo-disaster Risk Analyst, Geo-Information Specialist for Natural Resource Management  (Email:,