Geology and seismicity

This data base allows to understand the spatial relationships among seismicity, precipitation, landslides  and major geological structures in fragile Nepal Himalayas. As shown in the following maps seismic epicenters are well clustered  around Lesser Himalayan Duplex (LHD). Intense seismic activity, heavy precipitation, and land sliding in and around Lesser Himalayan Duplex pose a big threat to human settlements and physical infrastructures.

Map shows the distribution of major geological formations, major  structures and  seismic epicenters (yellow circles).

Map shows the major geological formations and major  structures.

Map shows the major geological   structures.

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Text Box: Weird Spatial Relationships among People, Climate, Topography, and Geology in the Himalayan Region of Nepal

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Map shows the spatial relationships among 2015 Gorkha earthquake, landslides, major geological structures, and monsoon precipitation.