Geology and slope

Text Box: Weird Spatial Relationships among People, Climate, Topography, and Geology in the Himalayan Region of Nepal

Tank Ojha, Ph. D. , Adjunct Professor
Department of Geoscience, University of Arizona, USA 
Consulting Geologist & Geo-disaster Risk Analyst, Geo-Information Specialist for Natural Resource Management  (Email:,

Geological maps with various scales and coordinate systems  published by several authors and agencies were verified in the field and then compiled together with my own mapped  geological data to develop regional scale geological maps for whole Nepal. Regional scale geological maps were further compiled to one map for whole nation. Newly compiled geological map of Nepal was  visualized over the  slope angle map of Nepal. High angle slopes are found spatially correlated with crystalline rocks in the hanging wall of Mahabharat Thrust (greater Himalayan zone), Main Central Thrust,  and the lime stones and dolomites of  Lakharpata group in Lesser Himalayan  Zone. The low angle slopes are spatially correlated with  Ramimatta, Galyang, Syangja formations  of Lesser Himalayan zone and the weathered granites of greater Himalayan zone.

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