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I spent over three and half decades conducting geological research on Himalayas. I started as mapping geologist in early 1980s and then spent several years  on  conducting research on magnetostratigraphy, geomorphology and thermochronology of Himalayan region in Nepal. Since past 15 years I am heavily engaged on GIS based geological mapping, and GIS based geomorphological and topographical database development for Nepal part  of Himalayas. I work

as a Consulting Geologist & Geo-disaster Risk Analyst, Geo- Information Specialist for Natural Resource, Geo-hazard Management.

Text Box: List of  my publications   on Himalayan Geology:

Ojha, T., DeCelles, P., 2015. Spatial coupling among landslides and geological structures in the Himalaya of far west Nepal, submitted to journal of Computer and Geosciences, (Springer publication). Under review.

West, A. J., Arnold, M., Aumaître, G., Bourlès, D. L., Keddadouche, K., Bickle, M. and Ojha, T. 2015. High natural erosion rates are the backdrop for present-day soil erosion in the agricultural Middle Hills of Nepal. Earth Surf. Dynam., 3, 363–387, 2015 www.earth-surf-dynam.net/3/363/2015/ doi:10.5194/esurf-3-363-2015.

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Lisa, S. Walsh, Aaron J. Martin, Tank P. Ojha, and Tom Fedenczuk 2012. Correlations of fluvial knickzones with landslide dams, lithologic contacts, and faults in the southwestern Annapurna Range, central Nepalese Himalaya: JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 117, F01012, doi: 10.1029/2011JF001984, 2012

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Dr. Tank Ojha
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Text Box: Weird Spatial Relationships among People, Climate, Topography, and Geology in the Himalayan Region of Nepal

Tank Ojha, Ph. D. , Adjunct Professor
Department of Geoscience, University of Arizona, USA 
Consulting Geologist & Geo-disaster Risk Analyst, Geo-Information Specialist for Natural Resource Management  (Email: tank.ojha@cox.net, ojha@email.arizona.edu )