Nepal GIS Database

My mission is to establish a GIS based geological, topographical, seismological, climatic,  and geo-chronological geo-database which will serve the conservationists, geologists, engineers and  management planners for their research and development needs in Nepal. Moreover this data base allows to revel the secrets of weird spatial relationships among people, climate, topography, and geology in the remote Himalayas”.

GIS Database: The visualization of  GIS  based geological, topographical, climatic, seismological, and demographic information in one data frame helps to identify the processes responsible for the  frequent geo-hazards that occur in Himalayan region. With the help of this website, I am trying to get the attention of world’s geologists, planners , engineers and conservationists, how the unscientific exploitation of natural resources and anthropogenic activities pose a serious threat to human civilization in Himalayan region.

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Dr. Tank Ojha
Text Box: Weird Spatial Relationships among People, Climate, Topography, and Geology in the Himalayan Region of Nepal

Tank Ojha, Ph. D. , Adjunct Professor
Department of Geoscience, University of Arizona, USA 
Consulting Geologist & Geo-disaster Risk Analyst, Geo-Information Specialist for Natural Resource Management  (Email:,

“Present is key for the past” The scientific study of these rocks helped  me to understand  the history of earth. Now I know why  Himalayas are the highest topography on earth, and how they have changed the  intensity of Asian monsoon during their orogeny.